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You’ve got to own at least one maxi cardigan!

Dolan Gray Left Coast Open Maxi Cardigan from Anthropologie

Left coast dolan gray maxi cardigan anthropologie

I bought this Left Coast maxi cardigan last year from Anthropologie and it has become one of my favorite cardigans. It’s extremely comfortable with a lot of stretch. It’s truly a great piece. When I walk it floats so smoothly. I have to admit I feel pretty amazing when I put it on.

maxi cardigan off 2

anthropologie dolan gray cardigan

While getting dressed I started with the maxi cardigan. That led me to the tank, then the skirt, scarf, socks, shoes, and finally necklace. I basically played off of each item’s color. This look is about comfort and texture.


gap multicolor infinity scarf

Cardigan: Anthropologie // Tank: Charlotte Russe  // Scarf: Gap //  Necklace: Charlotte Russe // Skirt: Express // Socks: Gap (men’s department) // Wedges: by Diva Lounge on Modcloth.com

left coast maxi cardigan floating in the air worn by hera nyx

You can dress it up or dress it down. If I’m not heading out it becomes the perfect lounge cardigan for days of pure relaxation. It’s a must have cardigan in my book.

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Ripped Jeans and Floral Prints!

Moods by Hera Nyx defines all of my outfit posts. When I get dress it’s all about a feeling and it’s always unexpected. I really have a good time finding different ways to translate how I feel.

I actually lay my clothes just like this 🙂

On this day I was feeling a bit edgy, and gravitated towards a pair of ripped Express jeans. Shortly after that decision another feeling surfaced. I wanted to wear floral. Sometimes connecting pieces is a smooth process- Jeans, shirt, jewelry, shoes, DONE. Other times, I’m walking aimlessly from my closet to my bed trying to put something together.

  • Tank: Charlotte Russe
  • Shirt: Banana Republic
  • Jeans: Express
  • Shoes: Vans purchased at Wish Boutique in Atlanta, GA

Hera Nyx Wants to Know…

  • What do you like about this look?

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Rosa, Aldo Employee at Garden State Plaza

arm party, bracelets, aldo accessories

Rosa, Employee from Aldo Accessories at Garden State Plaza Mall in (Paramus, NJ) 

denim vest, layers, aldo accessories, employe, garden state plaza, new jersey

More than often color combinations are essential to a very simple outfit. To match is not to match in my opinion, different colors compliment each other. The placement of a specific color works the best when you consider how the fit as a whole is presented, at different eye levels when looking from top to bottom. A pale yellow tank paired with khaki color shorts works good but what makes it even better is to place a darker brown belt in between both colors. To use a thinner belt evens out the break between the top and the shorts. I think pleated shorts set the look of everything rather than shorts without pleats.

A denim jacket or vest is an item that I love to pair with almost every outfit. Rosa is wearing a denim vest with a cow print sitting softly in the shoulder area. To have on red shoes adds more color to add a kick of more color. Perfect accessories would be bracelets for the simple fact that the sleeveless vest gives ample opportunity to maximize hand accessories. If you scan from top to bottom, everything falls into the next.

A very fun, Fit.

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15 year old Corie Moore

Corie Moore

 Corie is currently in the 9th grade attending West Charlotte High School, with big dreams of becoming a fashion designer. She describes her style as vintage, fun and bright, which compliments her personality. This summer she plans to acquire a summer job to earn some extra money for her future endeavors. When asked what change she would like to see in the world, Corie declares more efficient ways to use energy.