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Dear bloggers, Why do you blog?

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While browsing through a few WordPress articles the other day I stumbled across one titled, “First Steps with WordPress.” The article did a good job familiarizing beginners with WordPress functions and layouts. As I read further in the article I came across a set of questions. It made me think about heranyx.com. My focus and purpose behind creating this blog in the first place. It inspired me to write this post. I want to share my thoughts with you so, here are the  questions along with my answers. Read and enjoy them!

1. What am I going to do with this? 

I’m going to use this blog to shake things up in the fashion world

2. Who is going to read this?

You, because you’re willing to listen and you’re intrigued by things past the surface

3. What kind of information will I be posting?

It’s fashion from my point of view. My passion, my journey, my thoughts & my visions

4. Why am I doing this?

I view things differently so, I want you to see where I’m coming from. Fashion is my outlet to express myself. It’s not just about the clothes. It’s about creative freedom. It’s about the visions in my head and finding ways to bring them to you. And sometimes I can’t find the words to help you understand. So, I paint pictures through my clothes, through my camera, and through other people. I’m doing this because this is who I am. There’s a story to tell and there’s a new light to share with the world.

5. Who am I doing this for?

I’m doing this for me and for you… the passionate, ambitious, & creative souls

6. How often am I going to be posting and adding information?

I promise not to force a post.  I believe in quality over quantity. I write when I’m inspired, I take pictures when I have a vision, and I post when I have something to share with the world.


Now, it’s your turn. Leave a comment below introducing yourself and your blog, then answer the questions above. Feel free to answer all the questions or just a few. It’s still early in the New Year of 2013 and this is a great exercise for you & your blog! I look forward to hearing your thoughts & checking out your blog!


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Ashia Abdullah

Hera Nyx Feature: Ashia Abdullah

19 years old

 Charlotte, NC 

I had the pleasure of meeting Ashia Abdullah through a good friend of mine, Relby of Divine Peace Photography, and was thrilled to see a young lady at the age of 19 with her head on her shoulders. She passionate about the arts, self-driven, and confident about her future.

Miss Abdullah is a delicately vicious force to be reckoned with; she isn’t exactly shy about her drive and intends to share her talent with the Charlotte area and beyond.

When asked what kind of art she would classify her work as she responded with one word, “Provocative.”; I laughed slightly yet understood why her forte would be to create such art. I guess this explains why this dare devil lover of art isn’t afraid to spill herself on to the floor of ambition and success; without hesitance.

Follow her on Twitter @MissAbdullah

Check out her Tumblr: http://blackatemoss.tumblr.com