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Floral Denim Shirt & Aztec Oxfords

It was a beautiful Thursday. Not that any day isn’t beautiful but to have the sun shine after a few days of cold winds and gloomy skies… Thursday was a beautiful day. So, before heading in to work, I decided to take a few pictures of my outfit of the day (OOTD).

Before I get dressed I tend to stand in my closet looking back and forth at my clothes until I get a vision. Floral Denim shirt, yellow cardigan, distressed jeans, and Aztec oxfords. That was the vision.

It’s always fun to wear something bright with denim shirts especially if you’re bottom is denim. You can wear a scarf or a statement necklace, a t-shirt underneath with a few buttons open, or you can layer with a sweater or cardigan.

aztec oxfords

The next time your pulling an outfit play around with colors and prints. Black & white prints are easy to pair with colors so, start with that if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Be inspired by the pieces in your closet and feel good about what you put on. Confidence will always complete your look!

Cardigan, Floral Denim Shirt, Jeans: Gap  Aztec Oxfords: Shoemint  

What do you think about this look? Are you a fan of denim shirts? What do you like to pair with denim shirts? Share your thoughts!



Colorblock Socks!

I AM A SOCK FANATIC! Growing up I bought different kind of funky socks. From ankle socks, to knee high socks, to toe socks. I had almost every pattern and color you could imagine. Anyway, I was getting dressed for work and I decided to wear my newest purchase. Navy and white stripe colorblock socks.


My socks were the inspiration for my look. It was the first thing I knew I wanted to wear so; I built my outfit from that. I wanted the hot pink blocking to show so, I pulled my socks over my jeans. From that point everything else just fell into place. I grabbed my wedges to add height, oxford shirt to layer, and my nubby terry hoodie for texture. Oh, and my hair played right along with my relaxed yet edgy ensemble. Done deal!


I have a thing for elbow patches!


Oxford Shirt:Gap Shoes:ModCloth
 NubbyTerry Hoodie:Gap 
Jeans:1969 Always Skinny Socks:Gap

In between my busy schedule I’m aiming to post at least one outfit a week. A painted picture of my mood. Moods by Hera Nyx.

What do you think about this look? Share your thoughts below!

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My Serengeti Bracelet from Fifth & Orient!

I have to admit that Leah from Fifth & Orient Jewelry Company has an idea for the type of jewelry I like to wear. If you remember my previous posts, The Belora Metal Choker and Louvre Clover Stud Earrings, then you’ve witnessed the kind of jewelry that Fifth & Orient carries. When Leah and I spoke she told me she had something that screamed Hera. I was intrigued by her statement and quite anxious to see what she had in mind. Soon enough I received a package.

Leah was right. The Serengeti Bracelet definitely screams Hera. I tend to gravitate towards things associated with wildlife animals so, a zebra bracelet was a good choice.

Pulling my outfit and accessories together took no time at all.

When you’re able to put an outfit together according to your mood your style becomes you. It’s how you feel and it’s the confidence in your walk.  Most of time I don’t have an exact word for my mood. I can paint a picture of it though. So, the long sleeve black V-neck, the black faux leather vest, distressed jeans, animal print booties, my big puff, and a red lip was my painting for the day.

Much love and thanks to Leah, Christine, and Phuong, the creators of Fifth & Orient. Be sure to check back on HeraNyx.com.  You might get a chance to receive your own Fifth & Orient jewel.

Hera wants to know?

What are your current obsessions?

What do you think of the Serengeti bracelet?

What did your mood look like today?

Be sure to share your thoughts!

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Mustard Cords!

 My perfect oxford contrast placket shirt was the starting point for my entire ensemble. I bought it from Gap about a month ago and it has become an essential piece in my closet. It’s simple and great for layering.

On this particular day I decided to pair my oxford shirt with my old mustard cords. I wanted to add color and texture. To complete my look I chose accessories that complemented each other- a textured scarf, a bronze necklace, a few bracelets, and animal print booties. These pieces played nicely with my outfit.


A canvas with classic reminders like, “Never Give Up,” “Be Yourself,” and “Everything Happens for a Reason,” served as my background. There’s something about this lonely canvas filled with words that sets the mood for this shoot and completes my look. I love it!


Top: Gap
Cords: Delia*s
Scarf: Forever 21
Necklace: Forever 21
Shoes: ModCloth.com
Canvas: Wal-Mart

Hera Wants to Know

What do you think about this look?

How would you wear this perfect oxford contrast placket shirt?

What are some of your daily reminders?

Share your thoughts below!


Pleated Chiffon Palazzo Pants!

My roommate and I were heading out to Crown Station in Charlotte, NC, for an event called, Off the Wall. Crown Station, is a Pub and Coffee house that often host local parties. On this night it was all about classic hits from Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, Reggae, and other genres. I immediately knew I wanted to wear my pleated chiffon palazzo pants that I bought from Value Village (only $2.50!!!). I was sure about the pants, but I had to figure out the rest of my look.

My Thought Process…

The pants are a wide leg and have a lot of movement so; I needed a top that was fitted in order to complement my silhouette. A sleeveless top would have worked, but I didn’t want something with straps. I then thought to wear a black sequin bandeau, but I wasn’t in the mood to show my stomach. This led me in the direction of tube tops. I came across a black tube top from New York & Company that I bought almost 4 years ago (tags still on). I forgot I had it. After situating my pants and top, I felt like something was missing. So, I decided to wear my animal print scarf as a belt. I like the addition of a print and how it breaks between the red & black.

Time to Accessorize!

 I’ve been rocking my little fro (my hair shrinks A LOT) for the past few days and my feather earrings have been a go to. I actually like them with this look and how they fall close to my shoulders. I didn’t feel for a necklace so, I stacked bracelets on my arm instead. Gold wedges to seal the deal and I was ready to head out!

red chiffon palazzo pants

red chiffon palazzo pantsThe pants did not have a lining already in them, so I had to wear black leggings.

Top: NY&Co. // Pants: Value Village // Shoes: Target // Earrings: Forever21 // Bracelets: Charlotte Russe

Hera wants to know…

  • Are you a fan of these pleated chiffon palazzo pants?
  • What do you like about this look?
  • What matters to you when you’re getting dress?
  • How would you have styled these pants to complement your silhouette?

Share your thoughts below!