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Dear bloggers, Why do you blog?

Walk in clothes with clothes and shoes

While browsing through a few WordPress articles the other day I stumbled across one titled, “First Steps with WordPress.” The article did a good job familiarizing beginners with WordPress functions and layouts. As I read further in the article I came across a set of questions. It made me think about heranyx.com. My focus and purpose behind creating this blog in the first place. It inspired me to write this post. I want to share my thoughts with you so, here are the  questions along with my answers. Read and enjoy them!

1. What am I going to do with this? 

I’m going to use this blog to shake things up in the fashion world

2. Who is going to read this?

You, because you’re willing to listen and you’re intrigued by things past the surface

3. What kind of information will I be posting?

It’s fashion from my point of view. My passion, my journey, my thoughts & my visions

4. Why am I doing this?

I view things differently so, I want you to see where I’m coming from. Fashion is my outlet to express myself. It’s not just about the clothes. It’s about creative freedom. It’s about the visions in my head and finding ways to bring them to you. And sometimes I can’t find the words to help you understand. So, I paint pictures through my clothes, through my camera, and through other people. I’m doing this because this is who I am. There’s a story to tell and there’s a new light to share with the world.

5. Who am I doing this for?

I’m doing this for me and for you… the passionate, ambitious, & creative souls

6. How often am I going to be posting and adding information?

I promise not to force a post.  I believe in quality over quantity. I write when I’m inspired, I take pictures when I have a vision, and I post when I have something to share with the world.


Now, it’s your turn. Leave a comment below introducing yourself and your blog, then answer the questions above. Feel free to answer all the questions or just a few. It’s still early in the New Year of 2013 and this is a great exercise for you & your blog! I look forward to hearing your thoughts & checking out your blog!



My New Job Promotion!

You know that job promotion I told you about a few posts ago? Well, let’s talk specifics. I began working at Gap in July and in September I got promoted. I am now the Women’s Stylist for Gap at SouthPark Mall in Charlotte, North Carolina! As exciting as that is, there’s more. I manage the Gap SouthPark Instagram (@Gap_SouthPark) and I am currently creating a blog for my store. I am beyond excited for this opportunity. Everything is new and it couldn’t have been at a more perfect time. The blog will be launching soon and I’m very anxious but patience is a very important part of this process.

Gap SouthPark Blog Shoot

Since I’m being specific, I might as well tell you that I was on Good Morning Charlotte (WBTV) in October. They were doing a segment on the Simon Fashion Show, a fashion show that takes place at SouthPark Mall, and I got a chance to showcase a look from our store. It was my first time on the news and it so happened to be a live segment. I’m glad I did pretty well because it was no room for a second take.


Snapshot on Good Morning Charlotte

 Well, it looks like you’re up to speed about the things I’m doing and things I’ve done. I plan on telling you more about what’s going on with Hera Nyx on www.heranyx.com.  So, expect more than just lovely pictures, giveaways, and great finds. We’ve established a pretty good relationship here. Plus, this is my journey it’s only right that I share my experiences. 🙂

What are some new things that are happening for you right now? Are you working on any big projects? Give me the scoop!



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My Serengeti Bracelet from Fifth & Orient!

I have to admit that Leah from Fifth & Orient Jewelry Company has an idea for the type of jewelry I like to wear. If you remember my previous posts, The Belora Metal Choker and Louvre Clover Stud Earrings, then you’ve witnessed the kind of jewelry that Fifth & Orient carries. When Leah and I spoke she told me she had something that screamed Hera. I was intrigued by her statement and quite anxious to see what she had in mind. Soon enough I received a package.

Leah was right. The Serengeti Bracelet definitely screams Hera. I tend to gravitate towards things associated with wildlife animals so, a zebra bracelet was a good choice.

Pulling my outfit and accessories together took no time at all.

When you’re able to put an outfit together according to your mood your style becomes you. It’s how you feel and it’s the confidence in your walk.  Most of time I don’t have an exact word for my mood. I can paint a picture of it though. So, the long sleeve black V-neck, the black faux leather vest, distressed jeans, animal print booties, my big puff, and a red lip was my painting for the day.

Much love and thanks to Leah, Christine, and Phuong, the creators of Fifth & Orient. Be sure to check back on HeraNyx.com.  You might get a chance to receive your own Fifth & Orient jewel.

Hera wants to know?

What are your current obsessions?

What do you think of the Serengeti bracelet?

What did your mood look like today?

Be sure to share your thoughts!


Hera Nyx Styling Bands!

A while back I purchased a headband from Aldo Accessories.  It inspired me and I eventually created what I like to call, Hera Nyx Styling Bands.

 Hera Nyx Styling Bands come in different lengths and patterns transitioning from a headband to a brooch. They are made with a plastic coated bendable wire so you can create almost anything. Here are some easy ways to wear the Hera Nyx Styling Band.





Create any shape, attach to another band, and wear it as a belt.


*Additional fastens are used for joining pieces*

I’m currently working on some pieces that can transition from a necklace to a bracelet and adding some funky prints and colors. Look out for future blog posts.


Hera wants to know…

  • What pattern or color would be ideal for you?
  • What do you think of  Hera Nyx Styling Bands?

Share your thoughts below!



Discover. Create. Inspire


Designing Your Own Journal!

I really love journals and I’m pretty sure I’m obsessed with them!

Writing will forever be an outlet for me. I’m able to express myself and organize my thoughts. All my ideas, goals, projects, and sketches are in journals. That’s exactly how I brought www.heranyx.com to life. Well, last week I was inspired to design my own journal after I saw one with a ridiculous price tag ($22). Nothing was special about it. I just loved the map design it had on the cover. Why pay that price when I can cover any journal with the design of my choice right? So, I bought a few composition notebooks from the Dollar store and scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby. Thanks to Hobby Lobby and their 50% promotion I was able to get two sheets for the price of one (30 cents each)

The Materials: Scrapbook paper, notebook, super glue, and scissors. I covered each notebook, added a little bit of super glue, and cut off any excess paper. Yup, it’s really that simple!


Now, I’m going “journal crazy.” It’s time to create more in different sizes, using different style journals, and creating closures for some. I’m thinking about creating one from scratch….I’ll keep you posted!


Speaking of journals and www.heranyx.com today marks ONE YEAR for my blog!!! It started in my head, then exploded on paper, and then brought to life. “Write the vision and make it plain”

Hera wants to know…

  •  Are you a journal fanatic?
  • What are some things you’ve created on your own?
  • Do you still like to write things out, pen and paper style?

Share your thoughts below!


My Visual Display Internship at Anthropologie!

From March to May 2012, I was a Visual Display Intern at Anthropologie. Every day was a thrill; I learned so much and constantly was inspired to create. I worked along some pretty amazing people. I am proud of the work we accomplished during this three month term, and decided to share it with you.

Displays Inside Anthro

Using baskets made from a previous project, we worked together in the process of  wrapping reed around metal poles, dying and cutting fabric, and then weaving the fabric through the ready-made baskets.

Using more reed I weaved a place mat for this table!

We created risers for two tables on the floor.

Potting plants and painting to enhance displays!

Painting, cutting and sewing dots!

Creating our Coral Reef Window Display!

Welcome to Poolside!

Along with many other responsibilities, I also got a chance to style & photograph employees for weekly updates to the team’s communication board. This internship has been an amazing experience. I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity, and thankful that I get to further my journey. I’ve transitioned from intern to employee!!

Hera Nyx Wants to Know…

  • How was your internship?
  • Any great experiences?
  • Any Bad experiences?

Share your internship stories below!


A Date with Esperanza Spalding!

May 10th, couldn’t come fast enough! Walking through Door 5 of the Knight Theater,Charlotte,NC, and seeing Esperanza was AMAZING!! In the middle of the stage, upright bass in hand, and a head full of curls. Nothing else mattered. I could hear the band but I would be lying if I said I saw them. Phoebe understood. When we looked at each other the feeling was confirmed. Esperanza has the kind of sound that soothes the soul. The kind that makes you smile without knowing. The kind you fall in love with. Yea…She does that to you.

Now, before I go any further I gotta introduce a link to my circle.When I tell people about her I feel bad when I say, “Ooh she’s my roommate.” Like I just disrespected her lol. She’s so much more than just “a roommate.”  Phoebe Selene, the unknown who became the known, and is now a big part of my life. The type of people you meet and it feels like you’ve known each other forrrrrreverrrrrr.

She showed me a project she did in class. She used a tree to describe herself. Each branch read a description. The Critical Thinker. The Efficient Thinker. The Researcher. The “Neat Freak”. The Professional. The Muse. Master Teacher. The Recycler. I laughed, “Who does she think she is?” she is every one of those branches though. I really can’t explain our friendSHIP. You just have to experience The PhoeNyx!

Decisions, Decisions

 I felt like I was going on a date. What do I wear? Should I be really dressy, somewhat dressy, or straight casual? After creating a mess I finally translated my mood.

 My Decision: I decided to wear a dress as a top and pair it with pants. I used my print scarf as a belt and added my teal wedges to seal the deal. Clip on earrings. No necklace. Lots of bracelets. Good to go!

  • Dress: Goodwill
  • Pants: Thrift Store
  • Wedges: Aldo
  • Earrings: Thrift Store
  • Wallet: Thrift Store
  • Bracelets: Charlotte Russe


Phoebe was having a battle of her own but she finally pulled it together. We both yelled out our rooms, “You got ya ticket!!” Like we checking on our gran’babies.

Her Decision: Leotard. Boom. Long skirt, jean jacket done! Clear frames, studs, statement piece, brown wedges. Let’s Go!

  • Leotard: Thrift Store
  • Skirt: Heirloom
  • Jean Jacket: Goodwill
  • Frames: ehh Hot Topic maybe?
  • Studs: Mom’s drawer
  • Necklace: Shi
  • Wedges: Urban Outfitters

Leave or Stick Around?

Esperanza was a blessing. She warmed the entire Knight Theater with her presence. Even when she left the stage, the entire audience wanted more. So, she graciously came back and sung, “Precious.” It was beautiful. After the show we stuck around. That would be the perfect nightcap right? The line was long but it moved quickly. You know, being first is great but being last was everything!

We approached her table like,…. itbit slgjldzzghjllesn bdzzbn nlbluuzzghnhglg, no real words for our emotions, just sounds.  We were blown away. She looked at us and said, “ooooohhhh I like this,” scanning our aura with her hand.

The night ended with lots of smiles and laughter. We weren’t allowed to take pictures..But somehow I ended up with a picture of Esperanza in my phone 🙂

Hera Nyx wants to know..

  • Are you a fan of Esperanza?
  • What do you think about our outfits?
  • Favorite concert you attended and what did you wear?

Share your thoughts below!