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You’ve got to own at least one maxi cardigan!

Dolan Gray Left Coast Open Maxi Cardigan from Anthropologie

Left coast dolan gray maxi cardigan anthropologie

I bought this Left Coast maxi cardigan last year from Anthropologie and it has become one of my favorite cardigans. It’s extremely comfortable with a lot of stretch. It’s truly a great piece. When I walk it floats so smoothly. I have to admit I feel pretty amazing when I put it on.

maxi cardigan off 2

anthropologie dolan gray cardigan

While getting dressed I started with the maxi cardigan. That led me to the tank, then the skirt, scarf, socks, shoes, and finally necklace. I basically played off of each item’s color. This look is about comfort and texture.


gap multicolor infinity scarf

Cardigan: Anthropologie // Tank: Charlotte Russe  // Scarf: Gap //  Necklace: Charlotte Russe // Skirt: Express // Socks: Gap (men’s department) // Wedges: by Diva Lounge on Modcloth.com

left coast maxi cardigan floating in the air worn by hera nyx

You can dress it up or dress it down. If I’m not heading out it becomes the perfect lounge cardigan for days of pure relaxation. It’s a must have cardigan in my book.

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Dear bloggers, Why do you blog?

Walk in clothes with clothes and shoes

While browsing through a few WordPress articles the other day I stumbled across one titled, “First Steps with WordPress.” The article did a good job familiarizing beginners with WordPress functions and layouts. As I read further in the article I came across a set of questions. It made me think about heranyx.com. My focus and purpose behind creating this blog in the first place. It inspired me to write this post. I want to share my thoughts with you so, here are the  questions along with my answers. Read and enjoy them!

1. What am I going to do with this? 

I’m going to use this blog to shake things up in the fashion world

2. Who is going to read this?

You, because you’re willing to listen and you’re intrigued by things past the surface

3. What kind of information will I be posting?

It’s fashion from my point of view. My passion, my journey, my thoughts & my visions

4. Why am I doing this?

I view things differently so, I want you to see where I’m coming from. Fashion is my outlet to express myself. It’s not just about the clothes. It’s about creative freedom. It’s about the visions in my head and finding ways to bring them to you. And sometimes I can’t find the words to help you understand. So, I paint pictures through my clothes, through my camera, and through other people. I’m doing this because this is who I am. There’s a story to tell and there’s a new light to share with the world.

5. Who am I doing this for?

I’m doing this for me and for you… the passionate, ambitious, & creative souls

6. How often am I going to be posting and adding information?

I promise not to force a post.  I believe in quality over quantity. I write when I’m inspired, I take pictures when I have a vision, and I post when I have something to share with the world.


Now, it’s your turn. Leave a comment below introducing yourself and your blog, then answer the questions above. Feel free to answer all the questions or just a few. It’s still early in the New Year of 2013 and this is a great exercise for you & your blog! I look forward to hearing your thoughts & checking out your blog!

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My Serengeti Bracelet from Fifth & Orient!

I have to admit that Leah from Fifth & Orient Jewelry Company has an idea for the type of jewelry I like to wear. If you remember my previous posts, The Belora Metal Choker and Louvre Clover Stud Earrings, then you’ve witnessed the kind of jewelry that Fifth & Orient carries. When Leah and I spoke she told me she had something that screamed Hera. I was intrigued by her statement and quite anxious to see what she had in mind. Soon enough I received a package.

Leah was right. The Serengeti Bracelet definitely screams Hera. I tend to gravitate towards things associated with wildlife animals so, a zebra bracelet was a good choice.

Pulling my outfit and accessories together took no time at all.

When you’re able to put an outfit together according to your mood your style becomes you. It’s how you feel and it’s the confidence in your walk.  Most of time I don’t have an exact word for my mood. I can paint a picture of it though. So, the long sleeve black V-neck, the black faux leather vest, distressed jeans, animal print booties, my big puff, and a red lip was my painting for the day.

Much love and thanks to Leah, Christine, and Phuong, the creators of Fifth & Orient. Be sure to check back on HeraNyx.com.  You might get a chance to receive your own Fifth & Orient jewel.

Hera wants to know?

What are your current obsessions?

What do you think of the Serengeti bracelet?

What did your mood look like today?

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Where have you been Hera?

You’re probably wondering

What’s going on with Hera and www.heranyx.com? It’s been weeks (practically a month) since I published a new post and if you’re an avid Hera Nyxan you know that’s a bit unusual. The past few weeks have been CRAZY!! Good crazy and bad crazy. It started off with laptop issues (system crash), car issues, and finding a place to live issues. It was one thing after another. The only thing I could control was my thoughts and I tried to keep them positive. Eventually things started to look up. I found an apartment, I got a new job (then a promotion), and I started a new project with a local fashion photographer!! Everything was happening so fast (the good and the bad) and I wasn’t able to write up new posts. I used the last week in September to bring some organization to my life and now I’m refreshed and ready to get started for the month of October.



pretty interesting fortune cookie messages…

I’m thrilled about everything that’s happening right now and extremely thankful. For October there will be more giveaways, styling tricks and tips, inspiration posts, Moods by Hera Nyx (outfit posts), and a few surprises along the way. As always, feel free to subscribe via e-mail so that you’re notified about each new post. You can also follow me on Twitter. Let’s stay connected!

Hera wants to know

How have things been for you lately?

Anything exciting happen in the past week(s)?

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Davita ‘MissSwatty’ Galloway

Hera Nyx Feature:

 Davita ‘MissSwatty’ Galloway

Davita “MissSwatty” Galloway is a pretty amazing person. She has a unique style, a good heart, and is talented in a number of areas. I met her a few years ago at Dillard’s at SouthPark mall in Charlotte, NC. We worked together at a styling workshop where we styled and created a storyline for our model.  I loved the energy and ideas Davita brought during the styling workshop. She definitely has an eye for style. Now that www.heranyx.com has been born, it’s only right I feature Davita. I sent her an email, we agreed on the day and decided to meet at Red@28th in Charlotte, NC to make it happen.

 Who is Davita?

 The first thing I asked as we sat down in Red@28th was, “Who is Davita?” She laughed and proudly answered, “Davita is a person struggling to be happy. I’m always conflicted between what people think I should do and what I need to do.” By “people” she is referring to her family. She takes their concerns, criticism, and critiques to heart, but at the end of the day she does what makes her happy.

“At the end of the day I’m a happy person. I try not to let the ways of the world get me down. 
We’re all human and we go through things. I try to take that as a learning experience. 
 I’m always trying to be a better person." – Davita

Her Journey

Davita was born and raised in Winston-Salem, NC. She moved to Charlotte to attend the University of North Carolina (UNCC), where she graduated with a Bachelor’s in Public Health. A degree she doesn’t plan on using. She said, “I walked across that stage and said here you go Ma and moved to New York.” Her degree in Public Health was for her family. Giving them comfort with something to fall back on. Her true passion is in fashion.

Davita followed her heart and moved to New York. She attended Parsons School of Design and worked as an associate at Anthropologie.  Parsons was great and she loved her job at Anthropologie, but her stay in New York only lasted 2 years. Things began to get expensive and Davita got in some trouble. Her parents flew out to New York, packed her bags, and put her on a flight back to Charlotte. Everything happens for a reason. If it wasn’t for the circumstances of Davita transitioning back to Charlotte, we wouldn’t have been able to experience all her creativity and talents first hand. 


Wearing Many Hats

She is a wardrobe stylist, author, poet, and painter. As an author she has published two books. Her first book, Two Scraped Knees, is an autobiography. It’s filled with pictures, art, poems, reflections, diary entries and interviews. Her second book, Bush Broads, is a picture book that celebrates natural-haired black women. Bush Broads is an organization created by Davita. She organized a natural glam squad (hair stylist, make-up artist, and photographer) and together they produce amazing photos. They are currently working on their second edition. It will include natural-haired men and children. Both books can be found on www.amazon.com

Life as a Wardrobe Stylist

Miss Galloway created Dupp&Swat, LLC– an all-inclusive agency that specializes in wardrobe styling; costuming, image consulting, event planning and fashion show production- with her brother Dion. Dupp&Swat is also known for their annual fashion show, Delirium. They will be presenting their 2nd annual show at the end of August. Davita has worked with North Carolina Fashion Week, Passport for Fashion, and annual fashion shows for Star of SLE Entertainment. She is the Resident Costume Designer for On Q Production Theater Company in Charlotte, NC and has been featured in Creative Loafing and Charlotte Style Magazine. In addition, she just signed on with Elevate Magazine and participated in Africa Fashion Week New York (AFWNY). She was the lead stylist for over 30 designers. Davita has been a great addition to the fashion community in Charlotte, NC. I appreciate her work.   (Check out some photos from AFWNY here). 

Dupp&Swat Boutique

Davita, Dion, and hairstylist Skyler Warren, will be opening the Dupp&Swat Boutique in Charlotte, NC. The boutique is a one-stop shop for hair, make-up, and wardrobe styling. The grand opening is soon and will be located on 2424 N. Davidson Suite 112B.  This will be great for the Charlotte area! Be sure to follow Davita on Twitter or Facebook to stay updated on information about the Dupp&Swat Boutique. 

“I love what I’m doing so much. I just want to do it all the time.
 I never get tired of it... it’s not work.” –Davita



She really is AMAZING!

 I’ve witnessed her craft. Davita has an endless amount of styling tricks and tips to ensure a flawless look for her clients. There have been times where she has made great outfits from only a handful of items. She knows how to make it work and get it done. I love her passion and the fact that she isn’t afraid to be herself. Davita is fun, full of laughter, and will have a new hairstyle each time you see her. She’s easy to talk to and will be honest about how she feels. Everything about her is daring and I respect that. Everywhere she goes everything she touches will be incredible. In my eyes she has already achieved greatness and will continue to do so.


photo is taken by michelle flowers photography 
“I love doing everything. Whether it’s painting, poetry, or writing, 
but it’s something about styling and just playing with clothes.
I just love everything about it. It kind of just takes all the
 pain away. I get lost.” -Davita


Feel Free to stay connected with Miss Davita Galloway through Twitter and Facebook. Be sure to check out her Blog as well.

Hera wants to know

  • What are your goals?
  • What risks have you taken while trying to pursue your passion?
  • Can you relate to Davita?
  • What is your ideal job? How will you make it happen?

Share you thoughts and stories below!




Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

“Alexander McQueen has always emphasized the importance of imagination and free expression”

-Jonathan Akeroyd

This book is absolutely amazing… I mean it’s Alexander McQueen. You get amazing pictures, amazing concepts, amazing works of art. You get FASHION in an exceptional form. I appreciate and respect Alexander McQueen for going above and beyond. He wasn’t afraid to say, hey this is how I feel and this is what I’m going to create. He took his work seriously and truly loved it. His work, his words, and his accomplishments will forever be an inspiration!

On the Inside of Savage Beauty:

Two hundred and forty pages of greatness!!!

It’s definitely one to have in the inspiration vault!

Hera Nyx wants to know…

  • Do you already own Savage Beauty?
  • Does Alexander McQueen inspire you?
  • What do you love about Alexander McQueen?

Express your thoughts below!


Elaine Gregory JWU: Charlotte, NC

Elaine Gregory

Senior, Johnson & Wales University (Charlotte campus)

Fashion Merchandising & Retail Management Major


All black is such a sleek look but adding voluminous textures will explain gazing eyes!

Sharp Details!

 I love this design!  The origami like layering around the neckline makes a statement and demands attention.

(With a shirt this powerful keep your  jewelry to a minimum. A necklace is not needed but delicate earrings, bracelets, and rings are great choices.)

Mixing Textures!

MORE, more, & more textures!  Horizontal ripples on her skirt, an embossed crocodile leather bag and animal print espadrille wedges.

It’s expected to complete the look with pumps but the choice of espadrille wedges makes you question it’s purpose. What does it do for the overall look? Does it contradict the sleekness?

Overall I like it, it’s  interesting and she wears it well. Controversial outfits are always fun!