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The Belora Metal Choker Necklace from Fifth & Orient


The Belora Metal Choker from Fifth & Orient

About a week ago I received the Belora Metal Choker from Fifth & Orient Jewelry Company. The minute I opened the package I knew what kind of look I wanted to go for. Before I explain let me introduce you to Fifth & Orient. 

 The Story Behind Fifth & Orient

Fifth and Orient is a company founded by Christina Burke, Leah Morris, and Phuong Ly. It all began when they were discussing possible ways to feel more empowered as a woman. While conversing, the idea of starting a business came up. Owning a business was something they had never done before. It seemed risky and daunting, but they decided to accept the challenge. In the summer of 2012 Christina, Leah, and Phuong launched their online jewelry and accessory company, Fifth & Orient.

Fifth and Orient’s goal is to provide a diverse assortment of quality products for the fashion forward, confident woman while giving her a refreshing convenient shopping experience. They aim to appeal to women ages 20 all the way to 60. Their pieces range from subtle classics to eclectic and unexpected statements. Each item is functional and beautiful.

Q & A with F & O

HeraNyx: How did the name Fifth & Orient come about?

Fifth&Orient: “The house we lived in was located on the corner of 5th street and Orient Street”

HeraNyx: Tell me one interesting fact about each of you?

Fifth&Orient: “Leah is an avid world traveler and has been to 17 countries so far. Christina is a paleo driven Crossfitter who loves pink and Phuong has three birthdays and she celebrates all three.”

HeraNyx: What is the location of your company?

Fifth&Orient: “Our home base is in Chico, California but our partners travel often and work out of New York and LA as well”

HeraNyx: Is Fifth & Orient a website only company? 

Fifth&Orient: “Yes we are exclusively online.”

How are items selected?  

Fifth&Orient: “Our pieces are strongly influenced by our goal to help make women feel put together and polished while maintaining a sense of pizzazz that we all possess. We select products from around the world…from independent jewelry designers to large companies.

HeraNyx: What are some future goals for Fifth and Orient?

Fifth&Orient: “A big goal that will actually be reached shortly is to sell our products internationally. Another goal is to someday provide jobs for people through employment with our company.”

They are a very diverse group of women: a mixture of Chinese, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Filipino, and Portuguese. They are passionate, dedicated, and extremely motivated. Although, Fifth and Orient is just beginning they have some pretty big goals for the future. I support and look forward to their future endeavors. If you’re looking for wearable art you should visit www.fifthandorient.com 

From left to right: Christina, Leah, and Phuong.

Be sure to follow these lovely ladies on TwitterFacebookPinterest, and Instagram (Fifth_and_Orient)! 


Outfit Inspired by the Belora Metal Choker

            The Belora Metal Choker is sleek, sultry, and simple. Everything about this necklace screams… H E R A N Y X. I knew that I wanted to wear something strapless and I had to rock my fro. So, with this vision I chose my grey Banana Republic strapless maxi dress. It worked perfectly. It’s a great length and it’s flattering. I could have added bracelets and or a ring, but I wanted to keep my look bare. I love the simplicity of this choker. You can wear it during the day or evening. If you’re not a fan of this rhodium tone, Fifth and Orient also carries this piece Gold

Hera Nyx + Fifth & Orient Giveaway!!

Fifth & Orient has stunning jewelry. Wouldn’t it be great to host a giveaway? Well, for the month of August there will be a Hera Nyx + Fifth & Orient Giveaway. Be sure to check back on heranyx.com for details. The giveaway will start soon!!!

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What do you think of the Belora Metal Choker?

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Describe an outfit that you would wear with this choker.

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Floral Luggage, $5!

It’s those random trips to Goodwill, or any thrift store that makes great finds exciting. To my surprise I spotted a floral bag. It was in pretty good condition and a great size for traveling. $5.00 and it’s a done deal.  

Of course I had to dress it up with a scarf!

An overnight bag, carry-on, or my new work bag. Either way I love it!

Hera wants to know…

  • What do you think of this lovely travel bag?
  • What would you use it for if you had it?

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Pleated Chiffon Palazzo Pants!

My roommate and I were heading out to Crown Station in Charlotte, NC, for an event called, Off the Wall. Crown Station, is a Pub and Coffee house that often host local parties. On this night it was all about classic hits from Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, Reggae, and other genres. I immediately knew I wanted to wear my pleated chiffon palazzo pants that I bought from Value Village (only $2.50!!!). I was sure about the pants, but I had to figure out the rest of my look.

My Thought Process…

The pants are a wide leg and have a lot of movement so; I needed a top that was fitted in order to complement my silhouette. A sleeveless top would have worked, but I didn’t want something with straps. I then thought to wear a black sequin bandeau, but I wasn’t in the mood to show my stomach. This led me in the direction of tube tops. I came across a black tube top from New York & Company that I bought almost 4 years ago (tags still on). I forgot I had it. After situating my pants and top, I felt like something was missing. So, I decided to wear my animal print scarf as a belt. I like the addition of a print and how it breaks between the red & black.

Time to Accessorize!

 I’ve been rocking my little fro (my hair shrinks A LOT) for the past few days and my feather earrings have been a go to. I actually like them with this look and how they fall close to my shoulders. I didn’t feel for a necklace so, I stacked bracelets on my arm instead. Gold wedges to seal the deal and I was ready to head out!

red chiffon palazzo pants

red chiffon palazzo pantsThe pants did not have a lining already in them, so I had to wear black leggings.

Top: NY&Co. // Pants: Value Village // Shoes: Target // Earrings: Forever21 // Bracelets: Charlotte Russe

Hera wants to know…

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  • What do you like about this look?
  • What matters to you when you’re getting dress?
  • How would you have styled these pants to complement your silhouette?

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Another $3.00 Wallet !

In my previous post, Oh What A Lovely Buxton Wallet, I managed to scoop a $3.00 wallet in great condition. A few weeks later it happened again!

Intrigued by the color and pattern  I had to take a closer look.

3 removable compartments!

One for your cards, another for your checkbook, and a keyring for your keys. Now, I don’t use a checkbook but would definitely make use of it. Even with those pieces in place the wallet still had room for other items.

Honestly, I was a bit hyped about it. I mean it’s a well organized mini clutch.

Esperanza Spalding awaits me on Thursday, I just might fancy myself and wear this lovely great find 🙂

Hera Nyx wants to know…

  • What do you think about this great find?
  • Would you purchase it?
  • If you were to change the look of it what would you do?

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Oh What a Lovely Buxton Wallet !

Another Great Find!

A Leather Buxton Wallet

A few weeks ago I took my usual trip to the thrift store and came across this stunning Buxton wallet. 

Buxton Wallet

The color and gold accents were the first things that caught my attention. I also love the attached coin purse; it really adds to the overall beauty of this find.

Attached coin purse!

The details are subtle, yet create a sense of sophistication. With compartments for most of my wallet needs (money, cards, coins,etc.) I couldn’t pass it up!

A Hera Nyx Great Find!

$3.00 + in great condition = A done deal!

Am I the only one thrilled about this great find? Leave your thoughts on this Leather Buxton Wallet !


I Found Another Jewel !

Great Find- AuH20

AuH20 is an NYC-based vintage and thrift boutique that carries a unique blend of women’s clothing, shoes, and accessorizes at reasonable prices. You will definitely find something you love for a price that flags a GREAT FIND. The introductory nugget at AuH20 says it all:

“If our prices had a theme, it’d be Less Is More.
To us, cheap isn’t a five-letter word: It’s the ultimate compliment! Also, we loooove sales:
$5 and $10 racks are permanent fixtures in our store!”

The minute I walked into the narrow rectangular shop my eyes quickly scanned my surroundings; prints, patterns, bulky sweaters, vintage coats, funky belts, and a tower of jewelry covered the store. Attacking every part of the store I walked out with more than a lot and spent less than a little. Check out this triangular block statement necklace:

Thanks to Relby of Divine Peace Photography for his wonderful photography.

Check out AuH20 on 84 East 7th St / New York, NY or online  www.auh2oshop.com

What do you think of this statement necklace, leave your thoughts?