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Animal Print Cross-Body Bag (July Great Find Giveaway) Congrats Elizabeth from New Jersey!



A Great Item + A Great Price= A Great Find * Once a month= A Great Find GIVEAWAY!

A few years ago I bought an animal print cross-body bag from a random thrift shop while out of town. It’s a strong possibility that it’s a Forever 21 bag because I remember seeing it at Forever, but don’t quote me on it. Anyway I managed to scoop this lovely bag for ONE DOLLAR! Talk about a great find!




I love this bag, it excites a lot of different outfits and its cross-body feature allows your hands to be free. I have to admit though… I don’t wear it a lot. Mainly because everything I tend to carry on a day to day basis doesn’t fit in it. So when I have my journals, planner, and folders this bag doesn’t make the cut. It’s okay, it just means it’s time for a new home. So, for the month of July I am giving away this animal print cross-body bag.


It’s ideal for a few daily necessities– ID, Debit Card, phone, lip[stick, gloss, balm] and keys. You can wear it with almost anything. Picture this, a pale yellow lace top tucked in a pair of  high waist denim shorts (light wash),  a rose color braided skinny belt, some brown oxfords, and this animal print cross-body bag. Ok, what about a black off the shoulder top, dark wash denim jeans, a pair of teal wedges, and this cross-body bag. I mean wear it with WHATEVER…why not?

 Major squinting going on. Thank you sun, you were shinning that day!



To enter the July Great Find Giveaway leave a comment on this post stating your:

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  • Location
  • Favorite place to shop & why
(Giveaway starts Friday, July 20th and Closes Friday, July 27th 11:59 EST.)


-Eligibility- Giveaway is open to U.S. residents only

-WINNER will be selected randomly using random.org

-Winner will notified via email, 1-2 days after giveaway ends

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Author: Hera Nyx

You can call me Hera for short. I would describe myself as a free spirit, eccentric, wild flower; lover of fashion, art, and everything in between. My mind is filled with soooo many ideas…it gets kind of crazy up there. I’m working on perfecting the translation, but sometimes I wish I could just take a snap-shot of my visions instead. I’m all for trial and error though. It makes life thrilling. You know… taking risks, succeeding,trying, and failing, with intentions to be better. All in all I feel good about where I am in life. I’m sure of myself. Like Janelle Monae said, “I feel myself truly becoming the fearless person I have dreamt of being.”

10 thoughts on “Animal Print Cross-Body Bag (July Great Find Giveaway) Congrats Elizabeth from New Jersey!

  1. Christian

    New York

    My favorite place to shop is H&M. It is basically my one stop shop for everything that I need. No matter what the occasion I know that I can find it there. I also love that it is a “fast fashion” retailer so it allows me to make my own version of the trends that I like on the runway in a more affordable/everyday way. 🙂

    • Yes, H&M is def a “fast fashion” retailer. I can always find something at H&M and it’s helps that it’s affordable. The H&M in NY is amazing!!

  2. My name is CJ and I’m located in Charlotte, NC. My fav places to shop are Wanda’s, Francesca’s, and Asos. I am a piecer- Meaning I pieces together looks. These places always carry nice pieces.

    • lol I know exactly what you mean. You can’t go wrong with great pieces and or staples. Finding new ways to wear them over and over. Def. more for you money!!

  3. Name: Zhenya Hutson
    Location: Minneapolis, MN
    Favorite place to shop & why: Goodwill outlet and Clothes Mentor, best finds in the Twin Cities!

  4. Larrielle
    Charlotte NC

    My favorite place to shop is Plato’s Closet. Their prices are inexpensive, they carry everything from shoes to books, and every Plato’s Closet doesn’t have the same items which gives me a reason to shop on the spot! 🙂 Since high school I’ve been a big supporter of their business.

    • This is true. Every Platos Closet is different. I’m actually planning on dropping off some clothes there this weekend. The one in the university area.

  5. I love the purse it’s fab..my name is Elizabeth and I’m located in New Jersey and my favorite place to shop is forever21 they have so many fabulous items for great prices and I can always find great items to put great looks together..Love that store!!! 🙂

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