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My Visual Display Internship at Anthropologie!


From March to May 2012, I was a Visual Display Intern at Anthropologie. Every day was a thrill; I learned so much and constantly was inspired to create. I worked along some pretty amazing people. I am proud of the work we accomplished during this three month term, and decided to share it with you.

Displays Inside Anthro

Using baskets made from a previous project, we worked together in the process of  wrapping reed around metal poles, dying and cutting fabric, and then weaving the fabric through the ready-made baskets.

Using more reed I weaved a place mat for this table!

We created risers for two tables on the floor.

Potting plants and painting to enhance displays!

Painting, cutting and sewing dots!

Creating our Coral Reef Window Display!

Welcome to Poolside!

Along with many other responsibilities, I also got a chance to style & photograph employees for weekly updates to the team’s communication board. This internship has been an amazing experience. I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity, and thankful that I get to further my journey. I’ve transitioned from intern to employee!!

Hera Nyx Wants to Know…

  • How was your internship?
  • Any great experiences?
  • Any Bad experiences?

Share your internship stories below!


Author: Hera Nyx

You can call me Hera for short. I would describe myself as a free spirit, eccentric, wild flower; lover of fashion, art, and everything in between. My mind is filled with soooo many ideas…it gets kind of crazy up there. I’m working on perfecting the translation, but sometimes I wish I could just take a snap-shot of my visions instead. I’m all for trial and error though. It makes life thrilling. You know… taking risks, succeeding,trying, and failing, with intentions to be better. All in all I feel good about where I am in life. I’m sure of myself. Like Janelle Monae said, “I feel myself truly becoming the fearless person I have dreamt of being.”

10 thoughts on “My Visual Display Internship at Anthropologie!

  1. Hey! Do you have an email? I’d love to chat further about your internship! I’ve been looking into doing an internship at the Anthropologie closest to me. I’m a Design student and really want to explore installation. I’d love to hear about your experience!

  2. You lucky gal! What an awesome opportunity.😃

    • It’s so funny how I came across it. I was taking a class in school that helps you work on your resume and I ended up creating a resume for Anthropologie. I searched positions and saw their internship opportunity. I knew nothing about it. It was perfecting timing because I needed one. Next thing I know, I stopped in to get more information and received an interview right on the spot. The entire experience has been thrilling!!!

  3. Wow, great internship! Lucky gal you are! My fave is the coral reel display, it reminds me of summers in Block Island, RI (my fave vacay spot)!

    When I was in college I interned for a lifestyle glossy magazine, Northern Virginia Magazine. I worked directly w/the PR manager helping with editorial assignments, managing events and copy writing for the events section of the website. The bonus=seeing my name in print on the staff page! See my post for more details (http://dreamlovebelieve.com/2012/06/02/magazines/)


    • Thanks Glor! Interning for a magazine sounds like a great experience. I’ve always wanted to intern for a magazine but I’m very appreciative for the internships I did come across. Thanks for sharing your experience. I will def. check out your post.


  4. Ooo I love Anthro! I have a HUGE appreciation for their beyond amazing window displays/visuals. I actually worked there for over a year and loved it. Still one of my favorite stores to shop at.


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