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Crop Pants to Bermuda Shorts


You know when you’re getting dress and you wish a certain item was made a certain way? Well… for me it happens all the time. I’m always manipulating my clothes. It could be a quick fix or a collaboration with Lil’ Sew & Sew (my sewing machine).

On this particular day, I decided to wear one of my favorite thrift store pants. It was a Lil ‘Fro day so, I was feeling for something high waist. I wanted them to be tighter at the leg opening so, I tried twisting the extra fabric.  I finally just pulled my pants up from the bottom. The leg opening was now tight around my thigh and the extra fabric fell nicely. I wore them as shorts for most of the day, and when night fell I let them fall back to pants.

During my mini photo shoot my best friend called…..we continued to shoot =)

Hera wants to know…

  • What do you think about this Hera Nyx styling trick?
  • What are some of your tricks?

Leave a comment with your thoughts about this styling trick!


Author: Hera Nyx

You can call me Hera for short. I would describe myself as a free spirit, eccentric, wild flower; lover of fashion, art, and everything in between. My mind is filled with soooo many ideas…it gets kind of crazy up there. I’m working on perfecting the translation, but sometimes I wish I could just take a snap-shot of my visions instead. I’m all for trial and error though. It makes life thrilling. You know… taking risks, succeeding,trying, and failing, with intentions to be better. All in all I feel good about where I am in life. I’m sure of myself. Like Janelle Monae said, “I feel myself truly becoming the fearless person I have dreamt of being.”

7 thoughts on “Crop Pants to Bermuda Shorts

  1. Love your hair! Hahaha, yes and I also have this top in white/navy!

    Amberly D’Anna,

  2. I love the look! Very innovative! The site is amazing..keep up the good work

  3. Where’s Waldo … meets … Nina Simone. Color selection flawless. Fit perfect. And transformation smooth.

  4. Woooowwww Cuz!!!!!.So creative…..Niceeee..

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