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February’s Great Find Giveaway: JEWELRY ! Congrats to Kionbre’ Davis Durham, NC



(a great item + a great price= A great find)

For February I am giving away a pair of earrings and bracelet. I purchased them on two different occasions yet together they make a pretty good combination. Not to mention I couldn’t just giveaway one piece of jewelry.


Pretzel Twist

Special Thanks to Miss Jessalyn Maye for modeling February’s Great Find Giveaway

February's Great Find Giveaway!

To enter February’s Great Find Giveaway leave a comment on this post with:

*Your name

*City & State

*Describe your style using one word

(Contest starts Today, February 24th and Closes Friday, March 2nd )

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Author: Hera Nyx

You can call me Hera for short. I would describe myself as a free spirit, eccentric, wild flower; lover of fashion, art, and everything in between. My mind is filled with soooo many ideas…it gets kind of crazy up there. I’m working on perfecting the translation, but sometimes I wish I could just take a snap-shot of my visions instead. I’m all for trial and error though. It makes life thrilling. You know… taking risks, succeeding,trying, and failing, with intentions to be better. All in all I feel good about where I am in life. I’m sure of myself. Like Janelle Monae said, “I feel myself truly becoming the fearless person I have dreamt of being.”

25 thoughts on “February’s Great Find Giveaway: JEWELRY ! Congrats to Kionbre’ Davis Durham, NC

  1. Gorgeous earrings. Enjoying the website.

  2. Love, love, love these earrings!

    Katy Morris
    San Diego, California
    My style: Francophile


  3. Sparklyn Jackson
    Charlotte, NC
    My style: chic

  4. Kelley Carboni-Woods
    Charlotte, NC

  5. Free Spirited style, no specific trend

  6. Hello I’m Kyesha Brown. I currently live in Greensboro , north carolina. I would describe my style as Relaxed-Preppy.

  7. My name is Shelby Christie
    I’m from charlotte.
    I’d describe my style as sassy!

  8. Kimberly Rampersad
    Montclair, New Jersey

  9. Chris Ongsueng
    New York, NY

  10. My style: Akoya
    googled my name and pearls came up which made me think one-of-a-kind. Each pearl that comes out of an oyster is different which makes it fit me and my style. If you find another “Akoya” it would not be the same as me.

  11. Courtney Franklin
    Charlotte, NC

  12. Kandice’ Brown
    Charlotte NC

  13. Essence
    Norcross, Ga
    “Afro-jazzboho” ❤

  14. Jackie Bey
    Owings Mills, MD

  15. The pieces are very lovely. Congratulations to the lucky recipient.

  16. Phoebe
    Luna, Jovian
    My Style: Free

  17. Chakayla
    Charlotte, NC
    Eclectic Hipster

  18. Classy

  19. One word to describe my style: fashionista

  20. Kionbre’ Davis
    Durham, NC
    One word to describe my style would be experimental.

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